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Tenant Responsibilities

The following is a list of items that fall under the responsibilities of the Tenant.

  • Tenant shall be responsible for damages caused by Tenant’s negligence and that Tenant’s family, guests, invitees or pets (if allowed).
  • Tenant shall keep the grounds, lawns, and shrubbery clear of weeds and rubbish, and shall remove snow and ice from walkways on the premises. The owner is responsible for tree trimming and limb removal.
  • Tenant shall be responsible for lawn care other than fertilization, aeration, and maintenance/ repairs of any sprinkler system, which shall be the responsibility of Owner. Though, if the sprinkler system is damaged as a result of pets, lawn mowers, etc, it will fall under Tenant responsibility.
  • Tenant is responsible for the cost of repair to any holes or damage to any interior or exterior surface (from nails, screws, tacks, hooks, glue, etc) that constitutes damages beyond "normal wear and tear".
  • Tenant is responsible for dryer duct cleaning, unless it is a vertical dryer vent that requires being on the roof.
  • Tenant is responsible for pest control.
  • Furnace filters and light bulbs must be maintained and replaced every 3 months. Park Place can provide technicians to replace at the tenant's expense, materials and labor. Though, if the filters or lights are located in a vaulted/10+ ft ceiling then Park Place will provide a technician but only the cost of materials will be billed to the tenant.
  • Broken windows that are not a result of normal structural settling.
  • Keeping drains free and clear of debris, such as garbage disposals, dishwasher drain lines, toilets, shower drains, etc. Tenants should attempt to reset garbage disposals prior to submitting maintenance requests. Any clogs due to a build up of excess food or any non-food items will be charged to the tenant.
If you have further questions on items that are not covered in this list, contact us at 208-377-3227.
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